Yeezy Homes

Low income housing scheme, made of prefabricated concrete in collaboration with Petra Kustrin, Jalil Peraza, Kanye West and myself.


Yeezy kitchen
The cleanest kitchen concept I ever worked on
Yeezy garden
Zen Garden
Yeezy dining are
Clean space
Yeezy living space

Ageless by Afrodita

This image was commissioned by Afrodita Cosmetics, since they felt they can get more control over a CGI version of their product rather than with a photography. I think they were right, since we managed to get the render exactly as they wanted it in the same amount of time it would take to get the photo shoot and post work done.

Made with 3ds Max and FStorm.

I hope you enjoy the image.

3D rendered facial care products.

My Italian residence

The final shot of this year, complete!

This personal project took some time, as it was highly organic from start to finish, with changes happening all the time.

I got the idea for this project while visiting the Milan furniture fair earlier this year, and I really wanted to make something that feels both very modern and yet distinctly Italian at the same time.  I also love the fact that I stretched this project till the end of December, since I got to look at theese summer vibes while it was cold and foggy outside. Anyhow, I’m pretty happy with the results, but I’ll let you be the judge of the sucess of my endeavours.


Here we go!



That’s it, HAPPY 2018 EVERYONE!

villa Ekorna

More projects, more progress!

This one was one of my all time favourite commercial projects I have worked on thus far, both in terms of the project itself as well as the client and architect I collaborated with.

The residential building is set to be constructed on the outskirts of Ljubljana, and features some very nice, bright and modern appartments. The slightly irregular exterior shape makes for a nice view from practically every direction, and the mini internal atrium in one of the habitation units made me fall in love with it the moment I saw it.

So all in all, I would NOT mind living here. At all.

The project itself was fairly fast paced, being completed in about two weeks time, without being completely certain in which direction we wanted to take the interiors from the beginning. So, after some brainstorming and experimentation, this is the final result, and I must say I am more than pleased with it.



Embassy of Australia

Here it is. The faculty magnum opus, the final project, the end of the board, before plunging into the ocean of being a full fledged grown up. Even though I am starting to believe that this term is just a myth.

As I was saying, my master thesis. It took way too long to finish, but it’s done now. The renders themselves took about two weeks to make, mostly due to all the details and the fact that I had to figure out how they were actually put together. I modeled about 95% of the scene, so apart from a few interior pieces, two ornaments and the plants, this is more or less the product of having some serious fun with the model (windows, I hate you all).

I am not completely happy with the images, I coould have put more time into adding more dirt and grime, I could have tweaked and corrected a couple of completely horrible materials and I could have made the colours feel more real – in some images especially. But time ran out and the renders themselves weren’t the focus of the project, they were a mere side product, so this is what I ended up with in the end.

I hope you enjoy the images and feel free to c&c.

Malalan Jewelry Store

Another great project I got to work on – the Malalan jewelry contacted me to create visualisations of their new branch to help with the promotion prior to its opening. I just loved working on the neatly designed and stylish interior, not to mention the insane amount of lights used in this project, which made me appreciate the art of lighting a space even more. I was very pleased with how this project turned out and I hope you enjoy these images as well.

Villa Transilvania


This is one project that I am incredibly happy to have been able to work on. A secession style villa in serious need of being refitted and updated. Here, you can see the vision of a warm soothing would-be interior, bathing in natural sunlight and glistening with surprisingly clean golden ornamentation. I wish I had a summer palace just like this one to relax and create in. :)

Floorplans and design by Ursula Or m.i.a.

Luče primary school


With all the greenery, wood and natural lighting involved, this project was tons of fun to work on. Whilst nor the materials or the modeling involved are anything special, the end result still pleases me greatly. Light, light and more light! :)

Floorplans by Rahela Pahovnik m.i.a.


So here it is. My latest post, a little something I did trying to get better at painting an ambient. I basically tried to create a cool composition while pushing all the technical aspects such as the shaders as far as I could. I hope you enjoy this image :)

Feel the calm
Feel the calm

Retribution WIP

Still nowhere near done, so I thought I might as well post this, since I don’t really get much time to work on it theese days, and it may still take some time to complete.

And exerting some retribution while we are at it.
And exerting some retribution while we are at it.