The world of tomorrow

A picture set in a future, where tall towers rise above the smog filled city, only available to the chosen elite. A mixture between a utopian and dystopian futuristic settings.
A piece done for the Evermotion 2013 challenge

A piece I really like. It was rushed, done in a bit over three weeks, so a lot of shortcuts had to be taken, but I feel like the result is more then good for such a timeframe.


3 Replies to “The world of tomorrow”

    1. Thank you, glad you like it! I am using 3ds max and Vray, as well as Photoshop and After efdects for post production, but I am trying to broaden my skill set all the time and learn new things to incorporate into my pipeline.

      1. Sweet. Even just Photoshop on its own is incredibly versatile. There always seems to be more to learn and new techniques to develop. Best of luck to you!

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